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Georgia: the country of free spirits

One of the main frequencies of the country of Georgia, and the reason why it has such a potent magnetic attraction towards digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and travellers of all sorts, is that it is a free spirit.

As with any frequency - weather individual or collective, we embody it by first coming into its contrast - i.e. its opposite. For instance, in a world where there is only light, we would not see light. We need to experience darkness, in order to experience light. Life is made of a myriad of different frequencies - and each being comes to experience a particular set of frequencies. If a person comes into this world to experience abundance, for instance, they might opt into conditions of poverty, scarcity or lack, which will create the desire for abundance and thus move the person towards abundance.

With Georgia, as with any entity that comes to this earth to experience being a free spirit, the conditions that it started with are conditions of being caged, imprisoned or constrained. Georgia has been caged through history by many powerful nations as well as religions, that have tried to control and and suppress it. And Georgia has collectively always come out of those conditions, preserving its spirit and declaring its freedom. Uniqueness, resilience and leadership are very typical qualities of free spirits. Because they don’t conform or abide to doctrines, norms, and conformities, free spirits are typically very unique expressions, who have a difficult life and who typically inspire others to follow them. So does Georgia, with its incredibly unique culture, that is of great inspiration to many others. Its language, its traditions, its food is so special, that it can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and it is of great inspiration for its quality, yet it is not a country with an easy past.

There is a shadow side to being a free spirit, of course. As I said, entities (people, etc) who come to experience the frequency of free spirit, come into conditions of being caged, controlled, suppressed. This is all part of the expansion process, as those conditions create the desire for free spirit that can be focussed on and achieved. However, there is a huge backlash with human beings: they tend to expand very slowly because they have enormous resistance. They often forget during their life that they create their own reality, and they get stuck in the shadow - in the contrast. As children, we get indoctrinated with highly materialistic ideas, and we usually forget our true spiritual and emotional nature. We thus forget that we create what we focus on, and that we have the power to transform our lives. We fall into the indoctrinations that we are powerless to change our circumstances, that we are destined to suffer, and that we have to live as others dictate. We thus stop focusing on our desires, and we start instead to focus on the opposite: instead of focusing on what we want, we focus on what we don’t want. This is a problem, because as creators, we create what we focus on, thus we create what we don’t want.

Thus many people fall into the trap of trying to achieve what they desire by focusing on the opposite of what they desire. This happens so often in politics for instance, when people focus on the problems rather than the solutions. In the particular case of Georgia, as all free spirits, it falls into the trap of trying to achieve its free spirit, by fighting its cages. By fighting the governments, the religions, the forces that cage them, instead of by focusing on what frees them.

This is a trap I fell into as well. I am a free spirit to such a strong degree. When I was growing up I suffered immensely, because in spite of all the violent attempts to indoctrinate me and to conform me, I stayed in great part authentic: it was impossible to bend me. As all free spirits, I was born and grew up in an extremely indoctrinating and oppressive culture and a prison-like family. This to create the enormous desire in my life to shoot me in the opposite direction. I now am at a point in my life where I freed myself of so many indoctrinations and conformities, that I live a life so out of the ordinary that it is impossible for people to define me. People approach me expecting to label me with titles, with a nationality, a background or education, a type of personality, an age, and they fail inevitably. As with all free spirits, the only way to understand me is to know me. That is to give you an idea of the degree to which I embody the frequency of free spirit.

I fell into the trap of fighting my cages. This year I faced two very important cages: the legal/bureaucratical system, and a relationship. As I moved my business and activity forward, I kept stumbling upon a very backwards, chaotic and inefficient legal and bureaucratically system. I kept getting new limitations, new constraints, new threats from those systems, without simple solutions, without simple answers. I wasted tons of energy and time trying to understand said system, and to work with it. Yet, like a spider in a spider web, I felt that the more I tried to free myself, the more I got caught in the web. The system was trying to define me within that system, but because what I do is undefinable, it couldn’t. And so it started to threaten me and to try to cage me into the system.

That is when I felt inspired to take a break and come to Georgia. I felt called to this country and its culture. I felt it like a distant home, and as I blended into its people and culture I felt at home. By meeting and connecting deeply with more of its people, it became clear that Georgia is going through the same struggle I am going through. It has freed itself from a lot of oppressive forces, yet it is still fighting many of them. And so it is a country that wants to be a free spirit, and is stuck fighting its cages in some parts.

I felt a soul connection with Georgia, the people in this country are as direct and as open to deep and authentic connection as I am, they are as free of social norms and indoctrinations as I am. There are no formalities, no complications. Simplicity and authenticity rules. I loved so much being able to connect deeply with people immediately, without dealing with all the layers and the mental games and facades that people in most cultures put up during interactions. It felt exactly like that kind of place I could live in.

Through it my struggle became very clear, and I became very aware of my own cages and my own constraints, and I felt not alone in this struggle at all.

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