• Valentina Poletti

Too Late

As a species humans have the tendency to wait until things break to start trying to fix them, instead of preventing them from breaking on the first place. This couldn't be seen more clearly the parenting and education situation, i.e. the way we bring up our kids. Our current parenting and education system is ineffective, incredibly demanding for parents, unsafe for kids and stems greatly from ignorance. We are currently witnessing the rise of global psychological epidemics, such as the preoccupying narcissistic epidemic, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. We also see a rise in the obesity epidemic, which stems directly from emotional issues, and a stunning popularity of psychopharmaceuticals. We are failing at raising kids that are emotionally healthy, able to cope with life problems, and to find true happiness. Our world is now dominated by psychopathic and narcissistic leaders that can't care less about the colossal damage their actions have on the environment, society and the world, all in the meanwhile receiving great support from the codependent population in our society. Sexism is still normalized as well as other forms of discrimination and violence. Ignorance still prevails over reason. Our species is facing major issues, yet we are doing anything but face them, just hoping for things to fix themselves somehow magically. By the time we actually take action it's too late. When we prosecute criminals there's nothing more we can do to rehabilitate them. Prisons do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of social relationships. By the time we realize the mental morbidity of our political leaders, they have already taken us to war. By the time we see the problems the consequences are already too severe, the damage done is already on fixable. When are we going to take a step back and start asking ourselves serious question about how we are educating our children to be a part of this world. When are we going to ask ourselves did we really do a good job parenting, as much as we would like to think so. Do you realize that we need a degree to be a lawyer, eye doctor, an accountant, even a salesperson, but there is absolutely no requirement for anyone to be a parent. Literally any psychopathic sadistic idiot in this world has nothing preventing them from becoming a parent and torturing their child. There is no system preventing this. When are we going to see how wrong this problem is. We still pretend not to see the severity of child abuse even in the Western World in the so-called advanced deities, the incidence of rape, and how normalized it has become. Really are we just going to close a blind eye for the rest of our life and to everything will be destroyed and our world until nothing can be done to prevent destruction? When are we going to wake up when it's too late as usual? The problem is huge and Demon and it's already too late to do something about it.

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