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Why we don't talk about child rape

When we mention child rape in the western world, our mind immediately runs to some crumbling brothel, somewhere in an extremely poor and remote region of the world where people do not yet have computers and cellphones, and where starvation is a daily reality. In other words we think of news headlines such as these:

Sex Trafficking of Children in South Africa


Child Marriage


Child Trafficking India


Although this depiction is certainly true, as these articles on sex trafficking present, it is far from being the complete reality this phenomenon exists in, and the actual picture is far more grim than anyone could or would want to imagine. The first thing to note is that many of the perpetrators of child rape victims in those countries are westerners and travelers from richer countries via child sex tourism.

Sex tourism in Thailand


Cambodia is Seen as a Heaven for Pedophiles and Sex Tourists


The Growth of Modern Child Sex Tourism


Understanding Child Sex Tourism


Combating Child Sex Tourism


The Facts About Child Sex Tourism


Child sex trafficking, ritual abuse and rape are still to this day very common in the western and modern world as well. Take a breath to let that in. It is not simply a problem of the third world. What I'm about to present to you will probably shock you and challenge your beliefs about reality, so be prepared.

The western world is swarming with pedophilia and pedophile circles. Some of these are purely for the use of children for sex, others are for the use of children of ritual abuse of all kinds, including torture and sacrifice, as is for the case of many cults.

This reality makes it to the media occasionally. Here are only a few articles depicting cases of discovered child rape rings in countries such as Norway, USA, UK, Belgium, Portugal, France, etcetera.

Massive Online Pedophile Ring Busted by Cops

"An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world's largest —has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.”

“The European police agency Europol said in a statement that "Operation Rescue" had identified 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said."

http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42108748/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/massive-online-pedophile-ring-busted-cops/ http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-12762333

Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered by Police in Norway After Arrest of 51 Men

"Authorities seized 150 terabytes (150,000 gigabytes) of data, including photos, videos and chat transcripts between members of various pedophile networks."

“The material shows, among other things, the penetration of toddlers, children being tied up, children having sex with animals and children having sex with other children.”


Scores Arrested Across Europe as Police Bust Online Pedophile Ring

“The probe, which began in 2015, led to arrests in 26 of 28 European Union countries, and in Norway and Switzerland. The network operated in the "dark web" and hid behind a sophisticated encryption system.

"Operation Daylight" was launched last year after Europol received information from Swiss police about a vast network trafficking in the sexual exploitation of children. All told, the investigation covered more than 200 cases, according to Europol spokeswoman Claire Georges.”

"The investigation lasted for more than a year, based on the Swiss information which led to 611 'intelligence packages' being sent to 26 EU member states," she said. Norway and Switzerland also participated.”


18th Arrest Made in Connection With Alleged Pedophile Ring

“Denys Benjamin was arrested at his home in Montreal Wednesday. He was later released on condition to appear at the Montreal courthouse on November 11.”


Belgium Still Haunted by Paedophile Scandal


Exposed: Ireland's Vile Child-Sex Rings


Father who Organised Pedophile Ring, Sexually Abused Daughter Jailed for 22 Years


Seven Paedophiles who Preyed on a Baby and Young Children Acted "Beyond Human Instinct" and were Guilty of "Terrifying Depravity", a Judge Said


Consider that only a small percentage of such rings actually get discovered, and you get a pale idea of how many really exist. The social media unfortunately has played a role in enabling these pedophile communities to organize themselves, find victims and get near them, as more children are now connected to the internet and vulnerable to such predators, especially when they are not in an environment that is well protected.

A number that gives a stunning depiction of the number of children used, in particular, for ritual abuse - where they are often killed in sacrifice rituals as well, is seen by the number of children disappearing every year. 400,000 in the United States alone, that is 7700 children every week. This number is too high to account for children 'simply running off and getting lost'. Obviously there is a force behind it.

How do these circles get a hold of so many kids one would ask? A lot of the kids that get kidnapped are kids in foster homes or social services. These kids often go unnoticed or neglected. One glitch in this system for instance is that foster parents receive a monetary compensation from the system: it is not therefore uncommon for some parents to take in foster kids simply to receive some compensation, and then neglect them. If the children disappear and they let the institution know, they would stop receiving the money.

Another social group where these circles abduct children is the group of illegal immigrants. If these people report to the police the disappearance of their child, they will be deported, making it impossible for them to look for their child. They are only left thus with the choice of looking for them on their own. Orphanages are another often targeted supply for child sex exploitation.

Pedophilia does not end in underground cult and dark web circles: a lot of child sexual abuse happens in front of our very eyes, in the celebrity circles, political circles and among famous people.. it isn't so surprising given the well known fact that these fields swarm with psychopaths and narcissists:

Elijah Wood Calls Out Hollywood’s Pedophile Problem


'I was molested and passed around': Corey Feldman describes his ordeal at the hands of Hollywood pedophile ring and says Corey Haim was just eleven years old when he was first raped


"A ferrari engine makes a deep, distinctive sound.

When the children at Portugal's most famous orphanage heard the sports car roaring down the driveway, fear swept through the dormitories.

The noise could mean only one thing: the man known as The Doctor was coming to call.

Yet this medical practitioner had no intention of adhering to the ancient Hippocratic Oath.

Instead, arriving at Casa Pia (House of the Pious), a 17th century Lisbon orphanage where more than 4,000 children are cared for each year behind high stone walls, the doctor would summon selected boys and girls from their beds for examinations one night each week.

Where possible, he chose deaf-mutes.

After checking that the children were not suffering from any sexual infections, the doctor was joined by the orphanage caretaker, known as Bibi, who ushered the unfortunate children outside to a waiting van.

With the doctor following in his red Ferrari, Bibi drove the van to the prestigious homes of some of the leading members of Lisbon society - ranging from Portuguese government ministers and high-ranking diplomats, to famous television stars and members of the judiciary.

There, the children were repeatedly sexually abused. Some were allegedly drugged to make them compliant; others were plied with alcohol.

This continued for years. Assaults were filmed; pictures of one attack were subsequently found at the home of a suspected paedophile in Paris."


How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring


Even more terrifying to note is that the greatest number of child rape abuse victims are victimized not in cult rituals or pedophile circles, but simply within the walls of their homes, by family, friends and relatives.

“Research indicates that 46 percent (46%) of children who are raped are victims of family members. (Langan and Harlow, 1994.)”


This problem in incredibly terrifying and horrible to say the least, and yet we hear about it so little from the media and from people, why is that the case?

Of course we all want to believe we live in a world where these things do not happen. Nobody wants to accept that children are being raped by our countries men, our neighbors, our coworkers, our family members. It is such a groom reality to accept. It is a bit like when a vegan person talks to a non-vegan about the animal abuse that pushed er to a change in diet. At first people resist this reality, they ridicule and bully the vegans. Eventually however they have to come to terms with the surmounting evidence of animals being confined in solitary cages, in terrible hygienic conditions, tortured, abused, all their life and then killed. Letting go of the fantasy of happy cows eating grass and happily giving up their milk for dairy and their babies for slaughter, is a hard transition to make. It forces us to face the fact that we have contributed to something horribly unethical all of our life, with our unconscious choices, and most people would rather keep believing the fairy tale than face this reality. But when a person is willing enough to grow, or enough evidence is presented, a transition is made. Reality is accepted and once changes their curse of action and their life habits in order to stop contributing with the abuse.

With child rape it is a similar reaction, except that it is far more personal, far more difficult, and puts us in far more responsible position. A child is someone that everyone can relate to at an extremely personal level: while animals can somehow be put at a distance, it is not possible to deny that child abuse is possibly the worst crime a person can commit. Admitting that our coworker, our cousin, our brother, our son could be capable of a crime like that changes our reality dramatically. We have to take in an enormous responsibility in realizing that we might have sustained, encouraged and even helped people like that. It is such a terrible thing to admit that no-one wants to take this step.

On top of that child rape is much harder to prove. Often a victim only finds the courage to talk about it or even to deal with the trauma when they are well into adulthood. By that time all physical traces of the act have disappeared, and it is down to the word of the victim against the word of the perpetrator. This is not a very hopeful scenario when we consider that the perpetrators are often psychopaths of great charisma and who often take on leadership positions and have lots of supporters around them, and the victim often comes from a lifetime of psychological crisis symptoms due to the abuse that make them look crazy and unstable. In this situation no-one wants to believe the victim, and so obviously the solution that society adopts is victim blaming.

This is why child rape goes so largely unreported and unspoken about. It's not because it's not happening. It's because people are not willing to accept the reality that it is happening, and most importantly, that they might somehow be indirectly involved in its participation, by supporting, promoting or condemning charismatic psychopaths and narcissists.

From Wikileaks: “The Belgian police and judicial authorities made many, many "blunders" in investigations (as well as not investigating incriminating and obvious leads, evidence, etc, such as hairs not being tested, DNA results not being shown, tip offs ignored by police, judges and others who were investigating a possible ring were sacked, as well as more than twenty witnesses and other informants who died mysteriously right before going forward with evidence; one person who was officially labeled as dying from a heart attack was in fact shown to have been poisoned, others threatened with murders and "accidents", lots of witnesses committing "suicide", all right before giving evidence to police)”

Unreported Rape: the Silent Shame


Study: Sexual Assaults Greatly Underreported


80% of Women don’t Report Rape or Sexual Assault, Survey Claims

“The vast majority of women who are raped or sexually assaulted do not report the crime to police, a Mumsnet survey suggests, in many cases because they have little confidence that their attacker would be brought to justice.”


Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

"The prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to determine because it is often not reported; experts agree that the incidence is far greater than what is reported to authorities.

Studies by David Finkelhor, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, show that:

1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;

Self-report studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident;

During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;

Over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;

Children are most vulnerable to CSA between the ages of 7 and 13."


Please take a moment to look at the above statistics:

“1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;

Self-report studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident”

This is a stunning number. We are not talking about a sporatic event. We are talking about 1 out of every 5 girls, and 1 out of every 20 boys. This means that very likely you know people who have been abused sexually as children.

The fact that as a society we are not ready to face this shadow has been lately shown completely bluntly by the election of a president with charges of child rape. Just think about this for a moment. Let the gravity of this statement pause in you for a second. I did not say: society is willing to elect a president who cheated on his wife.. no that is way too immoral for society to accept. I did not say society is willing to elect a president who stole tax money to pay for his yacht. No, I said:

Society is willing to elect a president with charges of minor rape.

Do I need to say more? I don't think so, and yet for some reason, this for the majority of people, is not enough. The fact that we are willing to overlook such a horrible crime in a person that is elected as president says everything about the willingness that we as people have in facing such horrible acts of crime. We are not ready. We are in complete denial.

To end this article, because I understand how incredibly difficult it is to empathize with victims of such abuse, or to even phantom or imagine how it is performed, here are some images painted by a child ritual sex abuse victim later in her life. It is interesting that many of the figures depicted in her paintings are dissociated, i.e. their consciousness is split, a common state triggered by pain too extreme to endure. On many of the paintings, on the walls are depicted the writings “Help me please” and “Kill me please”.


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