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Nepal is exactly the place where I needed to be. I've been running for the past two years. I started two businesses, I helped people, I wrote a book, I won sports competitions, I traveled, I healed, I meditated, and still I see around me people who are unhappy, still I see frowns instead of smiles. Still I see people who in spite of having everything, are unable to live the moment, to enjoy the beauty that is in the stillness of life. In Nepal time has stopped. Stillness is a predominant frequency. Capitalism did not get here, yet. Intensive farms are non existent. Pollution is virtually not present. There is no stress to produce, to do, do make. People exist. I have never felt so close to Teal Swan's belief system that there is nothing we are doing on this Earth to earn our existence. Somehow in the West we have been fed the opposite belief system. We need to work to earn our living. We need to work to earn connection. We need to work to earn value. We need to work to earn our existence. Who created this belief system? Whom does it benefit? Certainly not the people who, enslaved by the money earning system, no longer have time to live their life. Certainly not the people who have to do a job they hate, who have little time for their family, friends, children. Certainly we do not earn any more happiness, health or joy from this system, in fact we lose it. We have all sorts of conveniences, all sorts of beautiful things, and no time to enjoy them. In fact, we are so busy working, that when we do have any free time we tend to spend all the money we have earned, in order to "make up" for the missed time. Only, time cannot be taken back. Once it is given, it is lost. All the time you have given to your boss, is all the life you have taken from yourself. And in the time that remains, which we call "free" because in the rest we are not, no matter how much money we spend, we cannot get that time back. In Nepal people have not fallen into that trap yet. They savor every moment as a treasure. Nothing is so important, nothing is so urgent, that enjoying this moment comes second. Family, friends, loved ones are the priority. Everything is inconvenient. Everything is difficult. And everything is so natural. Nothing feels stressful, nothing feels obligated, nothing feels imposed. I love that the people I meet here are very spiritual or very deep. People who come here are not looking for easy answers or convenient solutions. They don't believe in quick, superficial remedies. They understand that quality requires depth. And they are on an inner journey. Everything else from this angle is unimportant. All the people I am trying to help. All the connections I am trying to build. Trying. Now I am simply existing.

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