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Science vs. Religion

There is a strong debate going on between the scientific and religious community. Names like Richard Dawkins, Niel Degrasse Tyson and Christopher Hitchens may ring a bell in terms of anti-religion debate, if you follow this topic on the media. The aetheist movement in some communities seems to be concerned with diminishing religion, to the point that it created TV programs with that purpose, i.e. see Atheist Experience. Now what is the problem with this debate? It doesn't actually lead to a common agreement because it is stated from two different perspectives that fail to understand and to communicate with each other. A meeting of minds can happen when both parties communicate with full honestly, about the way they feel and think about each other. In this debate the anti-religion community uses rational arguments to cover unresolved emotional experiences with religious entities, while the religion party uses bypassing, fantasy or perfectionism to cover their own repressed feelings against rational thinking. The result is that each party remains contained in their limited consciousness, unable to integrate that of the other. Actually a constructive collaboration among these two groups of people could lead to an incredible shift of consciousness and expansion for both. The scientific community today is overly-constrained in secure-feeling pattern of thinking, and is strongly attached to the rational part of the mind. It fails to use intuition, emotional intelligence and holistic point of view to the degree that scientific discovery nowdays is valued based on superificial criteria and network position, as opposed to the actual impact and quality of work. On the other hand it has mastered the skill of analytical thinking and reality check progress. The religious community is greatly stuck in patterns of fantasy-thinking, bypassing and perfectionism. It often fails to use analytical thinking, and reality checking to monitor its own progress. On the other hand it has mastered the power of the subconscious mind and holistic thinking, and is able to use intuition productively. The two parties actually have very complementary awarenesses. By merging the two great progress could be made.

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