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Today I had a strong shift in consciousness. The kind makes you feel as though you just woke up in your own body and your own circumstances, but have no clue how you got there. It took me several minutes to find where I placed my shoes prior to entering the swimming pool: the mindset I had used to store them was completely different from the mindset I used to search for them. This sort of shift is very typical after successful shadow work. You start from an disintegrated, painful, consciously limited self which is often in the very constrained flight-and-fight mode if the pain triggered it, to the high, integrated, and more conscious self. This usually then kicks me into my alien ego layer, my infinite being, or more rarely, into my source perspective. From these layers, manifestation is as easy as simply desiring something and waiting for it to happen. This is the layer from which I desired to find a shared vegan shop to work in last week, for I didn't want to be in charge of the whole business, and found it this week. What is ego? There is such a negative stigma against the ego in the spiritual community. Ego is nothing more than the sum of all the different parts that form your unique perspective. It entails your three-dimensional form, including your physical body and your thinking mind, your emotional body and all the unresolved traumas associated with it, all of our desires, needs, and wants, and higher layers such as the infinite being self, and the source perspective. If you'd like to find all the different layers that make up your ego, and you are in ad advanced spiritual practice, I strongly suggest you try the exercise explained in the video "Self Love Process" by Teal Swan. Through this exercise not only I found an alien layer, but I also found that my infinite being layer is intimately connected with a group of other streams, in an intertwined group-consciousness layer. The reason we place a lot of stigma against the ego, is that it is responsible for all separation and thus contrast in our life. We came into this ego perspective with the purpose of expanding collective consciousness i.e. source, and it is necessary for it to experience separation and contrast. This separation and contrast in turns allows us to know unique experiences, such as love from absence of love, or freedom from slavery, and thus to expand consciousness. Those who came into this life with the intent of a high expansion understand the difficulty of their particular ego. Nevertheless it serves our purpose here, and spiritual practice that suppress the ego serves against spiritual expansion, as it avoids expansion and creates resistance. Some unique perspectives experience life through their lower ego layers only. This is the case for instance for non empathic people, or all those with personality disorders of the narcissistic/psychopathy kind. These people have suppressed their higher ego layers including their connection to source, and thus can only experience life in a three-dimensional perspective. It is interesting how these people experience love for instance: it is not a state of source perspective - as it is for most empathic people - rather it is an appreciation for the three-dimensional form of another in function of their lower ego layers, i.e. when such a person says "I love you" what they really mean is "I desire your qualities, skills, potentials, to be associated with me so that I can positively feed my ego through them". These people resist expansion all their life, as they have suppressed their connection with source that leads them to feel empathy, desire, pain, etcetera. Most people oscillate between different layers of their ego perspective, depending on their level of consciousness, occasionally including their source perspective. These people are often driven unconsciously by their desires, needs and wants, and may find happyness as a temporary state.

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