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Manifestation advantages and disadvantages

Ever since I learned to manifest my own thoughts, thanks to spirituality 301, my life has become rather drastic and intense, both in a positive and negative way. The advantage of being able to manifest your thoughts directly is that you can create what you desire.. if you don't have unconscious blocks preventing you to that is. On the flip side, this also means that you manifest your negative thoughts and shadows just as easily, leading to potentially unpleasant situations that can be used for expansion. The other night I was on my way to Kyoto, exhausted from being on the road and from intense shadow work, as Japan has triggered several unconscious aspects in me. On my way there I asked the universe where my home was. The response couldn't have been more blunt, as everything that means home to me was sabotaged: at the place I couldn't open the lock, so I was stuck outside for a while. My cell phone didn't work, I found a public phone and my host would not respond. I found an internet place, after several difficulties do to the Japanese computers I wrote to him, and he responded "try again". I did, and it didn't work. My shoulders were hurting from my backpack: I asked help from a neighbour, who was completely unhelpful. I called again the host who wouldn't answer. I told the universe I was getting the message. Finally he picked up, and got someone to get me in. Afterwards I find the internet doesn't work: so I couldn't call two people who mean home to me. I tred to prepare some food only to find out the stove wasn't working. While sleeping, in the middle of the night I am awaken by strange noises outside the window. At that point I surrendered: "I got it" I said to the universe: "I'm looking for home in the wrong places". Everything quieted. After doing working on this I found that my reasons for looking for a home were not mine, they were imposed externally, just as having to have a family or a fixed job. I am actually very fine without a home in the standard sense, and in fact, as I released this block, I started to see its great advantages. I get to live a life that to many people is a dream. I get to see places daily that most people plan vacations years ahead to see. I can work anywhere in the world - law permitting. My life is a continuous adventure.

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